Top 5 Reasons MotherStucker is THANKFUL for Moana

moana57d7ae7e1548fLast night my family & I jumped at the opportunity to  view Disney’s Moana pre-screening!  Moana officially hits theaters November 23rd, 2016 & these are MotherStucker’s favorite memorable moments from the new Moana movie!

ς Maui & Moana’s Animal Friends: Get ready to fall in <3 with Pau the pig & Hei Hei the rooster 😉 Their monkeyshine produces at least a million feel-good laughs!

15181636_10211696422871915_1993315236630978960_nς Moana’s Motivation: Whether this Thanksgiving Holiday has your family exploring through travel or staying close to home, Moana’s focus mirrors YOURS — Making the most of your time together.

ς Mythology: The Moana movie majors & minors in Hawaiian/Polynesian Culture. Maximum mastery!

ς Musical Numbers: MotherStucker was misty eyed MORE than once… Equal parts melody & magic 😉

ς (Sea) Monsters: Adventure + Danger – MotherStucker Spoilers = See For Yourself & be AMAZED! Especially in 3D!

Learn more about the new Moana movie on Facebook & Twitter. Thank YOU for checking out this review & have a wonderful Thanksgiving Otherstuckers!

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