Welcome Otherstuckers!


Jen. T of Versailles KY says:  “I need TheMotherStucker’s help!  I didn’t realize how dirty my house was until I started trying to clean finger prints off everything.  MotherStucker, do you have an easy way to clean prints off doors, trim and baseboards?  Disposable wipes are not cutting it –  I’m starting to think it  would be easier just to paint again…”

Put the paintbrush away Jen!  Instead grab an old toothbrush and a clean rag.  This is no sweat!  Using any OxyClean type product powder (usually comes in a tub) make a warm water/OxyClean solution in the bottom of a bucket.  Saturate the toothbrush and attack the most stubborn fingerprints (hardly any elbow grease necessary).  Get the rag damp in the same solution and simply wipe the surface down.  Like new  – XOXOXO!

MotherStucker Meltdown…


1.  Daylight Savings Time Day #24, 2012:  It now gets dark at MotherStucker Headquarters at 5:19 pm.  Wikipedia tells this MotherStucker that Daylight Savings Time was invented in 1895 by George Vernon Hudson.  I am tempted to locate his descendants and drop my kiddos off for an evening of complimentary childcare, although the “Hudsons” are likely in the witness protection program…consider your legacy carefully MotherStuckers.

2.  To pass the time, I evaluated our pantry supplies and concluded I could throw together some sugar cookies as “practice” for the holidays.  While I make the world’s most outstanding chocolate chip cookie bars, apparently my sugar cookies leave much to be desired.  My daughters descriptive words included, “nasty, funky, rancid, pukey” etc.

3.  In an attempt to occupy my kiddos, we ventured to the nearby (national chain) 3000 sq. foot craft store.  This MotherStucker + 2 sugar under-loaded girls held the #3rd place in line for 15 minutes because #1st place was occupied by a customer returning an entire cart of merchandise (sigh!) and #2nd place was held by a buyer who only needed 400 items (thimble size) who of course was (wait for it, wait for it)…tax exempt.

4.  Hubby just returned from his Crossfit Workout and wants to tell me about his “WOD” and “PowerSnatch”….there are no more words…