One thought on “Welcome OtherStuckers!”

  1. Hi MotherStucker!

    I’m traveling along the September Bloggy Moms Blog Hop and thought I’d stop to say hello.

    What a great blog you have!! I really enjoyed learning what “swishing” is – I think I’ve been doing that with my sisters for most our lives – but I love that you’ve explained it in such a fun and social way. I’ve had conversations with my friends about doing something like this – but no one quite knew how to run it. I’m going to share your blog post with them and see what they think. I also love your super cute swishing outfits. Very snazzy!

    I’m #36 on the blog hop (I run a book blog) and am giving away 6 copies of BLOGGER GIRL, a great new novel by chick lit author Meredith Schorr. Here’s a link if you’re interested:

    Well, I’m off to the next blog. It’s so fun hopping around – and I’m really excited to discover your blog. Cheers!

    – Julie

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