What Is the Sleek Socket? Revolutionary. Inexpensive. Game Changer.

The sleek socket is an innovative & affordable product that allows you to completely hide unsightly, unsafe & inconvenient outlets out of sight via a unique ultra-thin plug, measuring only about the thickness of a pencil on top of an outlet. The sleek socket drastically reduces, & in some cases completely eliminates, obstructions between furniture & traditional plugs attached to an outlet.

Given the elegant design of the plug, the sleek socket also enhances home décor around the outlet by eliminating ugly plugs & cords that clash with the color of the wall around the outlet. If you have a wall with an outlet is white — the same color of the sleek socket, the sleek socket blends into the wall &  you may forget it’s even there! Simply attach the sleek socket to the top receptacle of a duplex outlet – no tools or screws are required!The sleek socket childproofing model is designed to make it more difficult for children to gain access to electrical outlets by completely hiding the underlying outlet, & by way of 6 large high strength adhesive cord clips, helps protect children & pets from accessing & chewing electrical cords. The childproofing model includes 4 five inch cord clips & 2 four inch cord clips. Each sleek socket is compatible with a duplex outlet having both round receptacles (which typically have a single center screw) & rectangular receptacles (which typically have a top & bottom screw), including tamper resistant receptacles. As noted in packaging documentation, the sleek sockets should not be used with any GFCI or AFCI receptacles.


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