White Hot Review Board: Organic Herbal Face Food™

imageJust for a moment, take a step back in time with me OtherStuckers. Five years ago in 2009, I was preparing for my journey to the Mrs. America pageant as Mrs. Kentucky. Yes, the photo is of Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady!), myself, and Robin Thicke Daddy – eat your heart out ;). This MotherStucker was 31 years *young* at the time and about to undergo my first chemical peel. Part of the Mrs. Kentucky prize package included the procedure and to be honest, I needed it. Occasionally I would deal with a small cystic acne breakout and I had some mild sun spot damage to boot (nah-really? In the photo I look like a baked potato!). The chemical peel certainly helped but with a few drawbacks.
1. It burned like the 7th layer of hell.
2. Setting up the appointment, driving to the appointment, etc. were all disruptive to my schedule.
3. I mentally scarred a bank teller, the dry cleaner and my children as I picked them up from school fresh from my chemical peel appointment. My face was red and raw ;(
4. Peeling – oh vey. Not attractive and lasted for days.
5. Although my initial chemical peel was a gift, subsequent visits for the same procedure (recommended every 4 -6 weeks) are very expensive!
imageFast forward to 2014… (both photos below taken January of this year) and lucky for me, 5 years later I now know about Organic Herbal Face Food™. Not going to lie — Herbal Face Food ™ will heat up on your skin — This hot sensation is a good sign that the product is indeed working and an indication that the powerful plant antioxidants are stimulating and healing your skin cells. I use the product nightly before bed and it is in no way near as intense as the burning sensation of my chemical peel experience. imageHowever, I get the same great results that I do from a chemical peel! Check out the Organic Herbal Face Food™ Facebook Page plus Testimonials for more information about the first organic, edible, 100% plant based super anti-oxidant skin serum. If you have specific questions feel free to leave a comment below or check out the Organic Herbal Face Food™ Website . Go get your GLOW ON with GORGEOUS skin! Even Mr. Stucker approves! XOXO, MotherStucker

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