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-Thanks so much for all your efforts… We at LEGO Fest loved that your review was short and sweet and said it all! Ellyn, LEGO KidsFest http://legokidsfest.com/

-Amazing spot-on review! Thank you so much! Jennifer, GlamsterBands  http://www.glamsterbands.com/

-Thank you so much for the kind words!  We will promote your blog on our Facebook, Twitter and website, as well!  We really enjoyed reading your blog!  Andrea, Chicken Milk www.chicken-milk.com http://www.chicken-milk.com/

-We were actually shooting the infomercial all morning.  Got a chance to check out the site, and absolutely love the write-up.  And hot damn, absolutely love, love, love the picture!  Brian, Critter Catcher www.MyCritterCatcher.com

The write ups/reviews are GREAT! Thanks so much :)   If you want to do something around  New Years, let me know! – Mallory, Flings Bins, www.FlingsBins.com

-Thank you The Mother Stucker & Christy Stucker for using First Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your Tasty Tuesday Blog!  Bill, First Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil http://sandersfirstfresh.com/

-Desert Adventures is thrilled to have had the opportunity to host Christy Stucker and we are pleased with the publicity we received on her Mother Stucker Blog.  Kimberly, Desert Adventures http://www.red-jeep.com/

-The review on the blog looks and sounds great Christy!  I’m glad you were happy with the boxes you received and that they will continue to help you out in the future.  Thanks again for working with us!  We appreciate it and hope that we can maybe work out something again in the future! – Megan,SmoothMove Supplies  http://www.smoothmovesupplies.com/

-WoW! Honored! Thank you!  Kristine, It’s Mommy Juice http://itsmommyjuice.com/

Example of a MotherStucker (non-holiday) Review: MIGHTY HANDLE

Have you successfully transitioned from summertime to school time? MotherStucker Headquarters are full tilt with a newbie middle schooler and a kindergarten kiddo! With one last official summer weekend left, my OtherStuckers know I’m going to need some help with 2 major family projects: Buying & Boating.

Can you say Labor Day sales? Two school-age daughters require a truckload of school appropriate clothing. This weekend is an excellent opportunity to stock up on basics as well as special finds at discount prices. While I do love to shop, I despise carrying handfuls and armloads of metal hangers. Thankfully I have a helper in Mighty Handle!image. This made in the USA product is capable of carrying up to 50 lbs. of those hanging clothes with it’s no slip handle. What a difference that makes trip after trip to the dressing room! Speaking of different, I love that Mighty Handle is constructed from 100% recycled materials.

After a full day of shopping I will be ready for some rest and relaxation. My OtherStuckers will be Hangry (hungry…therefore angry), so I better bring the Motherload of snacks/drinks aboard the boat this weekend. Mighty Handle gets a workout again as we load our grocery bags onto the dock. Before securing the bags on the boat, we “twist-lock” with Mighty Handle to prevent spills or bag tip overs (highly likely due to Mr. OtherStucker’s “show-boating” a.k.a “navigating”). Let the same be said for clean up procedures as we empty the boat and dispose of trash – Ultra thankful for the twist lock feature! More info including how to order your own Mighty Handle at http://mightyhandle.com/ – Tell them the MotherStucker sent you!

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