White Hot Review: TARA THUNDERBOLT & the Sky Dancer Cat

51xFCQaXj8L._SX343_BO1,204,203,200_MotherStucker APPROVED YA read! Perry Birney’s children/young adult novel, TARA THUNDERBOLT and the Sky Dancer Cat is available in both PRINT and eBOOK editions on Amazon.com. “Back to School” reading assignments won’t start until at least mid-September, so why not ENJOY a story of your choosing now?

Fresh from the Amazon.com description:

“TARA BLAIR needs some answers. Why is school such a drag and the principal out to get her? What happened to her father–do people just disappear like that? And what’s going on with this mysterious black cat that suddenly showed up at her window?

Little does Tara know she’s about to find out when she enters into a mystical world and meets a Sky Dancer, a powerful guardian of the earth, who sends her on an incredible journey of discovery. Tara goes from fighting off bullies in school to battling shadowy men bent on stealing everything they can, not caring who they hurt or what they destroy. But Tara doesn’t have to face them on her own for long. She makes new friends who are just as determined to straighten out the mess clueless adults have created.

Can someone so young really make a difference? The answer comes when Tara learns who she really is . . . A Light Warrior with a Secret Mission to Save the Planet!”

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