Why My Mother Is Important to Me….

As Happy MOMS Day Week continues I’m reminded that our loved ones play an important part in whom we are today, & who we will be later on. The greatest impact may originate from our family; my Mom is mine. She taught me everything from how to eat healthy food & dress myself… how to respond to any circumstance.

  1. She Listens to Me Carefully:

Regardless of how terrible of a day she had, she will BE there to hear me out. I converse with her about everything … She endures my emotional episodes, my steady babble & still figures out how to keep our home, & everybody in it, all together.

  1. She Calms Me Down:

It will be OK. My mother always makes me feel better & she does this with a smile, even when I forget to say thank you.

  1. She Loves Me Unconditionally:

My mother comprehends I’m my own individual — It’s critical to have somebody like that in your life; it will help you turn into the best individual you can be. Since our families are there with us from the beginning, they know every little thing about us — & they’re the ones who genuinely shape our qualities & identities.

  1. She’s a Good Influence:

She has taught me what is correct and what isn’t right, & what I ought to do when I settle on a terrible choice. She redirects me! Mom urges me to pursue my fantasies.

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