When the kids go back to school, Motherstucker is jumping into a new full time job! Even though the first day of school for the kids & the first day of my new  is a week away, I already see the extreme need for home, life, & professional organization.  Central information management will be crucial moving forward successfully!

As a family, we need to work together to accomplish weeknight dinners, after school activities, care for our pets, household chores, travel plans, family shopping needs, etc. Personally & professionally I will need to organize business expenses for tax purposes, hotel reward points for out of town work, business forms, expense reports, install uber app on my smart phone, & more!

Seeing as I personally need help with the info management process, I’m certain every business could use assistance in the master data management process! The good news is, there is HELP! advises a Working Mom Balancing Act with spot on advice, such as:

“♦TAKE TIME FOR YOU… When it comes to keeping on top of things, lists are essential!

♦Chores are not just women’s work—they’re everyone’s work 😉

♦Reconnect with Your Spouse. “We” time is just as important as “me” time. Weekly “date nights” are a great idea, but if you can’t find the time—& the babysitters—to regularly make that happen, there are other ways. After the kids go to sleep is a good time to spend some quality time together…  It doesn’t really matter what you do but that you do it together in a focused way so that you’re really paying attention to each other.

♦Make Technology Work for You. We hear so much these days about how technology is hurting our kids, but if you’re a working parent, technology can be so helpful… For instance, it enables you to be at your kid’s basketball game & still be able to check for important e-mails from your boss on your iPhone. Although you’d probably prefer to live in the moment & just do one thing at a time, if high-tech multitasking means you don’t have to miss an event & disappoint a child, it’s all good.

♦Form a Support Network. Connect with other parents in your neighborhood or children’s school so you can help each other out. If a friend offers to pick up one of the kids & it’s one less trip I have to make, then yippee!” says Kim Lytle, a massage therapist & mother of three in Saratoga Springs, New York… & I’ll feel good about reciprocating & giving that family a break. Not only is the help great, but knowing that you’re not alone in your crazy-busy life can be a real mood-booster, experts say.

♦Do Less. Simplify family life by consciously scaling back on outside activities & commitments. If your child gets invited to 2 birthday parties in the same weekend, pick one to attend instead of both. Two extracurricular activities are more than enough for most kids… & don’t overschedule yourself either. For instance, you don’t have to volunteer for every single classroom thing that comes along, says career expert Tahmincioglu: At the beginning of the school year, find out what school field trips are being planned & then choose maybe two that you’ll chaperone,” she says. Keep a family calendar to figure out how really over-committed you are, then scale back.!”

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