You CAN Run a Business from Home!

“Fresh & Juicy News MOMS Use” at is 5 years STRONG next month! To celebrate this milestone, Motherstucker is sharing TOP TIPS for running a successful business from home.

I. Manage Your Time: Set a Schedule & Stay Organized

One of the freedoms of running a home business is having a flexible schedule. While beneficial, this flexibility can hinder the success of your home based business if you don’t properly manage your time. Set a work schedule that outlines your office hours. Organize your files — both in your computer & your paper files — so that everything is easy to find. Use color coding for file folders to make them easy to recognize. Printed labels, which you can create with your computer or a separate label-maker, help readability.  Also, make sure to schedule conference calls at appropriate times. Never schedule a client conference call when the UPS delivery driver is set to arrive!

II. Network!

Reach out to others in YOUR industry & related industries! Find a mentor! Become a mentor! Here are a just a couple of Motherstucker’s Favorites to connect with on social media!

  1. Martin J. Stallone – Executive Vice President of Land Development at Metropolitan Development Group Inc. –  Cornell University.

2.  Tim Savage – VP Social Content and Strategy, SocialToaster & Founder of 16 Agency – SocialToaster, Inc. West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

3.  Don’t forget to connect with ME! Motherstucker Christy Stucker – Brand Strategist, – University of Kentucky.

III. Stay Competitive!

To stay ahead of your competitors, keep informed of the changes in your market & your customers’ preferences, so you can adjust your business’s products &/or services accordingly. “Don’t try to shy away from the fact that you run your business at home,” says Maria Rapetskaya, cofounder of Undefined Creative, a home-based design & animation studio. “Give your potential clients the rundown of why it benefits them — like low overhead.”

A huge part of staying competitive is promoting a professional image! Attend trade shows, industry events, & conferences.  You may work from home, but how you conduct business should be as professional as any business office protocol dictates. This includes having well-designed & written promotional materials! Belonging to an industry trade group or local business organization & participating in activities that support nonprofit groups in your area, will enhance your public relations image. Your business’s image is a reflection of your ethics & the products/services you produce.

Get after it Otherstuckers! Good Luck!

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